Romansier Manor: Dead and Breakfast


Estate of Terror is a Haunted Mansion and Haunted Hayride, located in Walworth , Wisconsin.   Two attractions in one location.  A Haunted Victorian Mansion “A Dead & Breakfast”  type flop house and funeral home combination…..and a Haunted Hayride through the woods of Witchwood Forest.  Most visitors plan to spend the evening enjoying the The Haunted Mansion, the Hayride, campfires, and concessions.   Only the brave dare to enter the Romansier Manor where Clarence is waiting for his next unwilling participant to continue his experiments.   Groups reservations are welcome!

The living who wander into Witchwood Forest are seldom heard from again. Ask the locals about the infamous Romansier Family, and they will quickly change subjects. It’s not that they don’t know this family’s dark history. They simply wish they’d never heard it.

Tales of the Romansiers are more typically recited by campfire in hushed tones, and reveal nothing but bloodshed, terror, and misbegotten journeys into the realm of the dead. Family matriarch Deliverance Dane was chased into the woods and burned to death in 1735. Townsfolk witnessed her mixing potions and muttering curses late at night. Her charred body was buried under the center of the crossroads, never to rise again, but Deliverance would not allow her legacy to fade away.

Years later, her descendants inherited the property, and the madness continued. Transplants from Salem, Massachusetts, they wasted no time in opening their combination flophouse and funeral parlor, Romansier Manor. Experts in embalming, it seems death and tragedy were the family’s trade.

Clarence Romansier, driven to madness by the untimely death of his beloved bride Constance Pearce, and a tragic circus train crash at the outskirts of the property, created an unholy union between Deliverance’s spells and his family’s secret embalming techniques in order to tamper with dead matter. The creations of Clarence’s broken mind, however, were never meant to walk this earth, and escaped into the forest to feed on woodland creatures, or whatever else might happen by.

The notorious manor, cloaked amidst shadows, has long been shuttered, but Clarence needs help to resume his experiments in bringing the dearly departed back to life. Romansier Manor’s doors have opened for you, weary traveler. Don’t make Clarence come looking for you.

Two attractions in one location


$15 Estate of Terror Haunted Mansion

$15 Haunted Hayride

$22 Combo (Both Attractions)

Recommended for ages 10 and up.

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